Friday, October 26, 2012

October 18th - 25th

Deep thoughts

Getting this matching styles thing right!

The last moment in newborn pajamas. I tried to change her an hour later and couldn't get her leg out of one side easily, so she got 3 month sized pajamas from here on out.

Getting to know her cousins, Ruth, Dotty and Grace. Pearl was around, but busy at the time.

Another snooze in her chair. Can you guess her favorite piece of furniture?

I told her she could put on yellow jammies after her bath, she seemed happy with the idea.

A pudgy cheeks moment!

squirming and wiggling, but looking like she is just gonna rock those floral pants!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

October 7th - 17th

I get this look a lot....
Working hard at some head control
I love these smushy cheeks!
This is her calmly awake and watching the world face
Having fun with some of these girly clothes!
The only part Evie cared about from the apple festival, the part where she slept
Wiggle Baby
Getting ready for bed...
... Greeting the morning light!
Happy to be outside in the fall leaves
My little pumpkin

Sunday, October 7, 2012

September 28th - October 6th

Uh, are you sure this swing is safe?
Evie was all ready for the Teddy Bear Parade
a glimpse of the smiles to come

I am loving these baby girl clothes! Ladybugs!
Cute and sleepy
Another cute look, she is pretty in lavender!
A shady warm cocoon in the cold sunny outdoors
I finally got a picture where I am happy with how the color of her eyes looks, I am loving the blue grey color, I wonder if it will stay that shade!