Saturday, July 13, 2013

June 17th - July 13th

Wearing a swim suit, eating a pretzel stick at the park. There was a splash pad but she wasn't interested right now.

Following Liam up the slide

Sitting around

Playground standing time

Happy silly

chocolate cookie anyone?

Who knew Hot Wheels packaging could be so fun?

Uh Oh! What is going ON here?

tasting a tambourine

watching the world go by

play time at Judah's house

Silly times

Having some water in the park, in her own way

play time with dada

Gimmie that camera!

the wipe inspector

lego play

water play

checking out the world, with Nym

a busy day! 


snacks outside

cup play time

meeting Uncle Rob and Aunt Amy

another busy day, bed time came so fast

the sprinkler tag is entrancing

nibble some grass? Don't mind if I do!