Thursday, December 19, 2013

November 16th - December 19th

Enjoying the persimmon tree

messy girl going for the wipes



(Sure, it looks like she wore the same pajamas for three days.... she might have.. I am so tired I can't remember!)

Checking out the decorations at Grandma and Grandpa's house

Behaving badly while I was trying to get a picture for our Christmas card

Being silly, leaning on my tummy

Enjoying some links

this face was too good

Sitting with her doggy

laughing and falling on Liam, who was not amused
Hugging Johnny, with Dada's help

sleepy girl

Super happy to find her shadow

Baby doll snuggle

caught in the act of climbing the couch back

whoaaaaa, stick! 

Zonked out again

playing on an art board
playing with Liam in the tent

Helping me put away bags of stuff

The last day of the cold spell, hanging out waiting for the art store to open

being silly

checking out our mini tree

She climbs up into her swing by herself for snack time

Somewhere there is a picture of me, about this age, making this face

Dada has been conquered. 

Blankkie, and sitting on the heater vent

Playing in a box!