Sunday, September 22, 2013

August 28th - September 22nd

Super Baby!

Trying a strawberry for the first time

deep asleep

Happy Birthday! 

serious water baby

climbing down the stairs!!!! eek! 

Road trip to CA, a playground somewhere in northern CA

Cowells Beach, sandy times!


Climbing the slide

Tasting rocks

Exploring Big Basin, inside a fallen redwood tree

Swinging with her new buddy Aiden

Giving mommy a heart attack at a playground in Santa Cruz

Being my pretty girl

Back at a playground again! 

Someone seems a little bit blue here

Rest stop in California, on our way home. She was less than thrilled about clothing when we stopped.

The day she went from a sometimes walker to an all the time walker!


Every single picture this day, she was making this face! 

chalk on bricks!

Happy beanbag baby

Different day, same pose!

Peek A Boo!

Watching the rain fall down