Sunday, September 14, 2014

August 11th - September 14th

Big Hugs
She sure has her own ideas about clothes!

whoa...... did I make all that mess?

My little nudist, covered up for decency!

Sad that she can't go with Liam to his class

Zonked out



A little in shock at her dinner choices

Yes. I've had to use duct tape to keep her diaper on

Playing in water with her socks still on. She wrecks more clothes than any other child I know!

Yelling in a cup

Forget that mom is trying to do laundry, its LEGO TIME!

seeing if the drawing stick has a flavor

She stole the dogs bed, sometimes Nym still looks at me like its all my fault.

Evie in motion


My frosting, she approves of it!

Happy Birthday Evie!!!!!!

Why I can never knit.

Tomatoes with Grandma

What she thinks about not getting to start school yet

How the dada was conquered!

Testing for a flavor

Goofy girl!

Just being silly

She watered my plant for me and was happy about it.
Naps, Evie style

Apple snack

She really can jump high in there!

Peek a Boo!