Sunday, April 21, 2013

March 24th - April 21st

Using Liam's chair for a table
Amusing herself in the airport
meeting Grandma Julie
Having fun with dada
working on scooching at the hotel
spending a moment with grandpa Ted
being so good on the way home
sitting up in her bouncy chair
our Easter
I am thinking the chair is getting too small for her.....
somewhere between eating sweet potatoes and chewing on a cookie cutter
a book she can really enjoy
goofing off in the activity bouncer
She was trying to enjoy her swing, but Liam kept wanting to bring her toys
getting started early on her typing skills
the always fun kitchen sink bath
They are more alike than I can say....
bundled up on a cool day, enjoying the swing
discovering cherry blossoms

wearing the outfit that Aunt Jean and Great Grandma Delight made for Liam when he was this tiny!
dandelion tasting
helping me cook dinner
trying to get the camera!
tasting a Lego tiger
being miffed that her brother keeps taking away her toys
working on crawling
oooooh, whats in here?