Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January 13th - 29th

talkin' at her bug
loving the fish with Liam
seeing something only she could see
playing peek-a-boo with Dada, Liam got under the blanket too and she was thrilled to see him appear each time
my goofy girls
some high chair time
seems to be Nym's job to sit with Evie
pretty peas?

drooling on her bug

Saturday, January 12, 2013

December 23rd - January 12th

goofy baby!
Getting a hug from Gracie
hahaha silly monkey
not interested. sorry big brother!
nom nom bunny!
spacing out
loving her new floor rug
my silly girl
Getting a Dotty hug!
meeting mama's friend Brian
a bit woozy after her vaccines
almost giggling
big brother tickles!
happy time!
floor puppy!!
pretty girl in her blankie
oooh, tags
calm time
happy wiggles!
what is my brother doing behind me???