Monday, April 7, 2014

March 17th - April 7th

a moment with dada

caught in the act! pouring out her snacks in dada's chair and was eating them

mama's shoes

happy playground time

chalk paint!

she is STRONG!

so... you said ONE cookie. Is this ONE cookie or ONE dozen cookies? I am going to make you say Dozen.

exploring at the Sandy River

So, you see a rainbow, and take me outside. In pajamas. And now the rainbow is gone? Ooookay mama.

Here, you got a little.... something..... right here.... lemme just get that for you.

Silly face!

Grace spent some time with Evie at the library in Vancouver. Evie loved every second of it!

mad about the rain.

I love her eyes!

dirt time!

watching a movie

in her new dress

painting and thinking

digging a hole, just like Liam

coloring with dada

picking flowers

Studying rocks