Tuesday, August 27, 2013

August 4th - 27th

Looking at blocks with Dada

Shoe laces are fun

sitting around being quiet

Discovering the park

Being my butterfly girl
Mommy's little heart attack inducer


Upside down!

Mama and Evie at her first beach trip

New toys! 

Um, excuse me Liam, this is MY castle! 

There are no words for this silly girl sometimes

helping mama cook

A new baby doll at the picnic! 

She really likes this doll! 

Standing so well!

Having a Joe-Joe cookie

Happy swings! 

Trying to poke the camera

How babies sort laundry

Eating peaches and watching Liam put some in the jar

Playing at her cousins house

Sunday, August 4, 2013

July 14th - August 3rd

Afternoon snooze on mama

My little cardboard destroyer

Yup, thats my girl. All over dirt and bruises! 

And we wonder why she gets dirty and bruised! 

Having fun with her Taggies outfit

Water play time

Pretty baby

This is MY hose, and I dare you to say otherwise!

Morning ride on the scoot n zoom

Learning to love books

Such a climber!

Happy to be awake!

Fun at the playground

Gonna make a gardener out of her! 

This one just happened, but it looked so much like a pose! 

Add a tablespoon of baby drool, a teaspoon of crumbs from the couch, a dash of water from the doggy bowl.... Cooking with babies! 

bubble 'hawk! 

Really getting into watching Liam's swim lesson

And once again she climbed up the slide!


Playing with the dump truck