Sunday, October 20, 2013

September 23rd - October 20th

New Toys!

Silly Time


Checking out flowers

Borrowing a friend's car, at a coffee shop on a rainy day

Braving the first big fall storm to ride in the Teddy Bear Parade

Celebrating Dotty's Birthday! 

Lazy day, eating some cereal on the couch

Daredevil baby is about to fall out of that swing! 

Being pretty and playing by the window

Taking Liam's airplanes

Lazy morning

Messy Madness!!!!! 

Playing in a bin

Happy for Pancakes!

Going on a walk

How to use a tent, the Evie way

1...2....3.....THE WINNER IS EVIE! 

Sharing a smile with Dada

Snoozy girl

Tutus and jackets

Park time

Tinkerbell Evie at a Halloween Playdate

Stealing Liam's lunch, and proud of it! 

Watching the river go by