Sunday, June 16, 2013

May 18th - June 16th

A little bummed out after getting a head bonk
my little bright eyes
food is fun!
she LOVES pancakes
saying good-bye to our friend Orrin
figuring out teething biscuits 
Getting some doggy love
first park swing, it kinda swallowed her whole
a happy moment on the ride home
meeting great grandma Delight for the first time
oh so serious
chewing on a mint leaf at Liam's birthday party
happy to see Great Grandma!
I KNOW I have a picture of me where I look just like this! 
hanging out with mom in the yard, stealing her drink
Nym looks a little goofy here, but Evie was loving some time to play with the doggy
at a friend's birthday party
at cousin Pearl's birthday party
less than pleased I put flowers on her head
exploring the grass from the safety of my lap
chewing on Spiderman
and a cow
finished a dried mango and is deciding if she liked it or not
keeping her amused at Liam's hospital visit, glove balloon gnawing
having a Father's Day play time