Saturday, December 22, 2012

December 7th - 22nd

Phew.... Sorry it has been so long since I posted! Things are totally hectic around here for the holidays and by the time I could sit down and relax posting pictures had slipped my mind.

Evie got a nice lotioning from her Brother, too bad he used butt paste.
My little deer!
Evie is getting a taste for lamb apparently
The sleep of an infant is precious and much sought after!
Dada kisses tickle
Still loving the lamb
I missed the 14th (it was a crazy day), so here is a second picture from the 15th with Evie tolerating Liam attempting to snap her snaps
Soooo close to rolling over
You mean I've been chewing on a BUG!?!?!
The fingers are becoming a major thing
Entranced by the jellyfish
Rockin' some 80's fashions, those shoulder pads are insane! (nah, its just baggy jammies!)
Liam's best friend Orrin loves Evie, and he is sooo gentle with her!
WOW! Fingers! Again!
OMG these things are great, how mammy cam I fii im my mouf?

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