Saturday, November 16, 2013

October 21st - November 15th

she loves her baby dolls

picking out a pumpkin is serious business

taking off her socks at Monkey King


Her face when she finally gets to see Liam coming down the hall at school


Very fast and very loud

my little floor duster


the look I got for an hour while my glasses were being fixed and I didn't have them on


wiping her face
Do we have enough toys?

art time

snooze in the bean bag

chewing on her shoe

she really loves these balls

cars and princesses

pinning Liam down. The first of many I am sure
decorating the (oh so tolerant and patient) dog

raking leaves at Nana Judy's

just hanging out with the cat

snuck in to grab a picture after I realized I almost forgot one this day

Being herself at the library story time

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