Friday, January 17, 2014

December 19th - January 17th

Snuggle Blanky

Tights, the nemesis of Evie

I am not sure what kind of goofy thing is happening here

smooshy face

A nice calm evening

Christmas with the cousins

Christmas Day


trying to prove to me she didn't eat the play doh. she lied

Sitting on Liam, poking his belly button

on a walk

Kennel family

playing with Liam's cars
Being silly with dada

Chapstick thief!

Exploring her tower

dada love

sitting in the bookshelf

Climbing is an adventure

Baby in a box

dancing girl
A toy to play with even before it is opened

Batman girl wears a tutu

In a box. With string

Working hard at Duplos

Proof that she sometimes actually sleeps

Nym is skeptical of Evie in a cape

Checking out the boo boo on her foot

At the Open House at Liam's school, doing some of the work in the classroom

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