Friday, September 28, 2012

September 18th - 27th

Having a snooze out in the grass
Content snuggles
The cute little girl is our friend Sierra. Sierra was so sweet, she shared her precious Bear with Evie.
Evie is the newest canvas for Liam's stickering
I had just trimmed Liam's nails and he wanted to see Evie's nails.
We are on the hunt for a binky that Evie will actually like. She seems to need one at times, so far the weird looking green one is the best option, but she seemed confused by it at first.
Morning sun through the window on soft baby face
Getting pretty alert in her playpen!
Liam wanted to see this whole Evie eating thing, then he tried to help me hold the bottle.
Making sleep look even better than it already is!

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