Thursday, September 6, 2012

September 3rd - 6th

Evie got to know her big brother a little bit better, he came over to her because he saw the stars on her nightgown and wanted to tell me that they were stars. He then wanted to lay down next to her and after some hesitation decided it would be ok to "pet Evie".

Getting dressed for her first big outing, a trip to the Doctor! (just a standard 5 day check up, she is perfectly healthy and gaining weight well!)

Snoozing through her first swing ride

She might be sleeping. but she is getting a VERY important lesson from her big brother. "Evie, see Finn?" Liam said as he showed her one of his favorite toys. She is still in the car seat, we came home from the grocery store but didn't quite all make it into the house as Liam needed some play time and Evie was content to sleep in her car seat.

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