Tuesday, November 25, 2014

October 14th - November 25th

playing with baby powder

because of course we bite Duplo blocks!

puddle stomping!


My little cookie face

All smiles

"Climbing" the tree outside Great Grandma Delight's house

super sleepy

nap time

A day at the beach


At the pumpkin patch in CA, because Grandma wanted pumpkins carved!

Super sleepy

Stacking dice and drinking milk

The look of concentration

My little Princess

all bundled up

still smiling, even when she is sick

junk mail can be fun

daddy does what he has to do!

already stealing my clothes!

playing with her felt christmas tree

getting to work outside

loving her fairy wings

reading us all a bed time story
looking for the moon with dada

playing a game

it was a very windy day!

two jackets, a wool dress, demanded my scarf to wear, stole her brothers hat, double layer of leggings and snow boots. Ready for winter!

Eating snow and doing a happy dance

playing in her cousins bed

gleeful playing

a blooper photo from the christmas picture
there was something weird on the TV

tickle time!
happy to be outside

puppy love

getting a ride

mama was sick, so mama got snuggles

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