Saturday, January 3, 2015

November 26th - January 3rd 2015

Being a naughty little climber

All brushed!

Dancing to Let it Go

Playing hard

being a good mama to her baby doll

Sideways smile

loving on her baby doll.

my sleepy snuggler

just a pretty smile

Hard to see, but she is sitting on my foot getting a little ride

sooo sleepy

helping me clean the house

working on her tower building skills

"helping" mommy bake by making sure the sour cream still tastes good

A little wild, but lots of fun

A bit grumpy today

my future soccer star! (if soccer allows tutu's)

Letting it go, again

At least her head is dressed

Safety first, Evie and her friend Khari at the Children's Museum

shake the duck!

Enjoying trees at the Gresham Historical Society before meeting Santa

In her new dress up dress, being Anna from Frozen

My little chubster, being perplexed by Curious George's Christmas Special

Seeing the cousins tree was quite the experience for her

Getting some pretty new clothes for Christmas

Doing puzzles with Grandma Ecca

Watching Liam enjoy his new game

Chalk and tutu's

Being super excited about her gift from Grandma Ecca

Hard to see, but she is snuggling a doll

Not gonna make it to midnight on New Years

 caught a yawn!
Giving love to the sleeping Liam

Making silly faces at the camera

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